“You are an amazing teacher and I feel so fortunate for every moment I get to spend learning from you. You touched my heart and have changed my life. Because of you, I see myself and my own light”- S.R.

“Your insights, focus, holding the line, space and standard has helped me move into a whole new place in life….Thank you”- H. C.

Creative Coaching Sessions with Maria


Maria’s specialties include being an advocate for you, your next chapter, your next project, unblocking your block whatever form that comes in.

  • Being a guide and a guardian
  • A truth advocate – holding you accountable to what you truly desire so that you show up for yourself
  • Holding space for what needs to be nurtured
  • Brainstorming and seeing posibilities
  • For clarity and direction on your path.
  • To help you see the next step and help make that happen

This session is all about you. Honoring YOU,

That’s where I can help.

If you are a new client please email maria first to set up a session maria@maria-merrill.com