About Maria

Professionally Speaking,  Educator, Facilitator, Workshop Leader, and Teacher. I’m interested in helping others become more empowered in their own lives. Living for themselves and putting themselves first; not in a selfish way, but in a real, authentic, powerful way where they can stretch their spirit so who they are and how they live/ work/ love is congruent.

I’m interested in beauty, inspiration and creating balance. Whether that is helping you balance a perception, discover your talents, complete a project, or find more ease and less stress.

Compulsive content creator/ truth teller/ I write. / B.A./ M.F. A. / Secondary Teaching Certificate/ E-RYT 500 hrs/ Yoga Teacher/Demartini Facilitator/ Former Yoga Studio Owner/ Friend/ Mentor/ Coach/ Bookkeeper/ Personal Assistant/ Collagist/ Creative/Listener/ Pet Owner/Entrepreneur/ Co-creator/ Lover of books/ Desire Map Faciliator/ Dreamer/ Realist/ Author of stories posted on line and self published

maria school fotoEmpowering others to live authentically.

That is my desire. To help individuals to live fully. And become empowered in the process .
I give individuals the tools, space and permission to live authentic fulfilled lives. Where does it start? With being truthful. Looking at your life and helping you identify what feels right and true for you whether it is your company or your personal life.
I work one on one and also host workshops, classes and retreats that focus on identifying and realizing what is true and unique to you and how you can shed what stands in the way of getting there. A former art educator, yoga teacher and yoga studio owner, I value being a “teacher” and giving “students” the ability to see in a different way. To change perception, if needed, to transform something that is not working, to something that is. I love creating beauty. Whether that shows up as clarity, presence, order, understanding, perception….however it shows up, it comes down to congruency, equilbrium, space and freedom.

I believe that our lives are constantly in flux and that is the joy, as well as, the challenge. Our lives change and our desires shift, so do our needs and our experiences. Whether teaching art or yoga or sharing goals, desire and values, the essence is the same: how to see, outwardly or inwardly that who you are and what you have to express is wonderful, amazing and unique to you. You would not be here if you did not have something unique to offer and share and what you have to share is needed by others.

I have specialized knowledge in human behavior, mind-fullness, well being, yoga, creative expression.
I am here to be of service.



maria on beachI grew up in a family that valued education and culture. From an early age my mom was very encouraging of my sister and I having opportunities to be creative (she loved making stuff with her hands), so we got opportunities; with pencils, paintbrushes, wrapping paper, yarn, glue, dough, to make stuff. I loved it. We had plenty of rules at home but they didn’t apply to creativity. Creating something beautiful was fun and joyful. We could get messy digging in the back yard, making mud pies and inviting friends over to join us. Birthday parties involved making stuff together, clay, cookies, etc. I wanted to share the fun.

Age 7 I made a chocolate cake and decorated it with chocolate icing and bird feathers. I thought it was incredibly beautiful. I was proud of it, so much so, that I took it to my girl scout class and the scout leader was horrified. I didn’t understand at the time that some people wouldn’t appreciate my perspective on beauty. Didn’t realize that beauty was in “the eye of the beholder”. It was beautiful to me, it mattered to me and I wanted to share.

I’m still sharing things that inspire me.

I earned an MFA, became an arts educator. Giving students opportunity to express the way they see the world and to educate them on paying attention. What color of blue, how many colors are in the sky? Don’t paint what you think you see, paint what you see. What do you really see? What is the true color of the sky? New ways to perceive the world. The message is the same. Their version of the world was legitimate, what they created was perfect. Purple sky, yes!

Took a yoga class, enjoyed it. A lot. It was teaching me to pay attention in another way. I became a yoga teacher. Opened a yoga studio. Creating space for possibility. Teaching yoga or teaching art to me is the same thing in a different form. It’s excavation, creative exploration. Finding the solution to what you are seeking. You know it when you got it, you feel it. Teaching yoga students to see the inner world, to pay attention to breath, to emotions, to how they are experiencing this moment. Being fully present.
Teaching yoga is excavation and creative exploration also. It is trial and practice. And practice.

Now I teach the same thing, in yet a new form.


How can excavation help you?  Through inquiry. You can do the same. Notice what you notice. What pulls you forward? What attracts you? Inquiry can lead you to Creative expression of your essential self. By paying attention to breath, to feeling, to body sensations, to color, to any number of things that get your attention….including things that repel.

I can assist you in uncovering what is next.

How do you wish to be in the world?  Seen and Being Seen.  What is blocking you from getting what you desire? How can you live an authentic fulfilled life where you are right now? What is authentic to you? What do you value and why?
Ready to get started……


“The fish in the water
is racked by thirst:
I hear about it
and burst out laughing.

What you’re looking for
is right at home:
and yet you roam from forest to forest, full of gloom….”
– Kabir (Kabir: The Weaver’s Songs)