I’m not that kind of gal.

(Love lessons from a hard headed Yoga teacher)

Soft cover 220 pages

“”Not Kind of Gal,” is a beautifully told narrative that not only takes the reader on a journey into the life of the author; but, takes the reader on a journey towards their own humanity. Merrill, does a fantastic job on touching those hard to reach places within the human experience that both bring tears and laughter. She weaves through her story, while simultaneously touching your own. This is a must read for every woman willing to celebrate the trials and errors of love and life; while finding in the end, they’ve had what they needed all along.”- Sarah Rumsey.

“Every circumstance/relationship is a choice/agreement that we have made – there’s no “bad guy” or villain in our stories, only human beings teaching and learning how to navigate through our lives; there’s no giver or taker, we are all both.  Being brave enough to own and reflect upon the stories of our lives, our relationships, our choices (instead of running from them or denying them or blaming others), gives hope for the future, because it allows us the opportunity to digest and absorb the experiences and the role we play in how our story unfolds.”- Ret Paccasassi

“I’m not that kind of gal” is an affecting, moving and empowering memoir written from the heart to the reader with the message: “Healing happens when we embrace who we are with deep love and compassion.” I could not put this book down.”- K. Crawford

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