Healing Heart and Meaning Workshop
A different kind of listening

Do you have a body part or organ or injury that you are curious about? Or a part of your body you wish to learn more about? A part you wish you understood better? Maybe an old injury or a part of you that feels it could be fined tuned?

If yes,

Spend an afternoon, using experimentation, inquiry, discussion and play to see what insights you might gain into the magnificence of your physical being.

I will bring out all the resources I have used, and continue to use (books, art supplies, cards, etc.) we will each spend time on our “own discovery”. Tapping into our own intuition to listen and truly hear what our body wants to reveal. I supply all the tools and steps to guide you. You come with a desire to experiment, discover and have fun. From a place of discovery and experimentation you never know what you might uncover and discover.

In a different time or place this workshop might be referred to as art therapy. I am not a therapist and do not claim to be one, I have studied human behavior, understand a tiny fraction of the body from my 15 years of studying, teaching and practicing yoga, have been an arts educator and have a Master’s in Fine Arts. I do believe in the power of art to be therapeutic. I do believe in the innate wisdom and the magnificent intelligence of our bodies and the potency of our thoughts.

Why do I wish to share this with you now?

I’ve been frustrated with the changes my body is going through as I enter “middle age”, having had a “frozen shoulder” a year ago and now working with a Physical therapist on another body part, I have become curious with how I can help myself instead of being at the mercy of well intentioned, educated, beautiful people, who don’t inhabit my body, and so far have done a great job of treating the symptom but not the cause.

By using drawing and writing and my intution I have found a few answers that have brought me more ease and acceptance and understanding, I believe this is possible for all of us. Join me.

I know that beauty is everywhere and that as we practice, experiment and breathe new things are revealed to us.

This is not the workshop for you if you expect a solution, a guarantee or a diagnosis.

This is the place to be if you are ready to have some fun and play and enjoy the journey of discovery along with like minded others!



Questions? Email Maria@maria-merrill.com