Being Seen / Vanity Dare

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“Sarah and Fred” read by Maria.

Being Seen / Vanity Dare

How getting my portrait painted led to new friendships, understanding, saying yes and sisterhood.

 69 page eBook or paperback

At age 52, Maria Merrill finally had her portrait painted. What began as an embrace of a family tradition — and her own vanity — in the end brought Merrill so many delights, only one of them the final portrait. In her debut story, Being Seen/Vanity Dare, Merrill encourages the reader to accompany her on an intimate journey from art desirer to viewed subject.

In her charming, fresh and funny-as-hell voice, Merrill shares her story in an easy-going style that’s open, honest and revealing. She poses centuries-old questions strangely relevant in our selfie-soaked age: If given the opportunity, how would you choose to be painted? If you knew your painting might be around one hundred years from now, what would you want said about you in oil on canvas?

Merrill shares the joy of being open to what we really want, to not holding back, and to embracing new challenges, friendships and our authentic selves.

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Book Cover Design ©Maria Merrill and Sarah Fisher. Detail from “Emergence” 2017 ©Sarah Fisher