Values Determination®

Values Determination®quote

Each of us, at our core level, wishes to be of service in some way or form while we are here on earth. Maybe it is to write a book, build a company, solve others problems, run a non-profit, compose music, raise children, develop communities etc. Whatever it may turn out to be, it is really important that we get to fulfill it.

When you are in alignment with what is most important to you, you are more energized, inspired, present, focused and satisfied.
The Values Determination Process® helps you get aligned.

“We are what our deep, driving desire is.
As our deep, driving desire is, so is our will.
As our will is, so is our deed.
As our deed is, so is our destiny.”

Brihadaranyaka Upanishad IV.4.5

Values Determination® Process for Individuals

How does it work?
In a one on one session you answer questions that uncover how you spend your energy, time, etc. What those answers reveal about you and what your purpose is now and how you are fulfilling it daily. We look at how you have developed methods to get what you need and how you can choose new “strategies ” to enhance the life you wish to create now. You are given tools and practice on how to communicate with others to get what you need, desire and deserve.

More vitality, more energy, dropping the “should’s”, “need to’s”, suppose to’s” that suck and deplete you. More inspiration and self-understanding. More focus, clarity, certainty, presence, more gratitude, more joy.  Less “brain noise”, less frustration, more flow. The life you wish to live. Now.