This workshop is open to teachers that have been actively teaching for at least a year.

Yoga Block: A workshop for yoga teachers.

For any teacher, there comes a time when one needs to replenish, to renew, to step back and face whatever it is that is not working. In the yoga world it sometimes doesn’t feel safe to share these issues. You crave a safe space to get answers / help/ support.

This workshop is the “space” you have been craving.

If you are a yoga teacher who

  • needs a boost,
  • has hit a wall,
  • wants to renew,
  • wants to speak frankly, safely without being judged
  • is having trouble connecting with your students,
  • feels frustrated or stuck, “off your groove”
  • feels you are playing a “role” and it doesn’t fit anymore, this workshop is for you.


Part of being a teacher is being willing to be a student. To listen, to pay attention and to recognize when you need a prescription. Let this workshop be your tonic. 

In this workshop you will

  • Name and remove your “yoga blocks”
  • Evaluate your teaching “beliefs”
  • Reconnect with why you teach
  • Get action steps and answers
  • Connect with other amazing yogis like yourself
  • Recognize the kind of teacher you are