Love on Paper: Writing to Heal

Words are powerful. So are your emotions and often times we don’t know how to express what we feel. Here you will learn simple tools to clear your head and empty your heart. Why? So you have space for more to come in. More what? Anything you desire: laughter, hope, love, space…

I started writing to get rid of anxiety and restlessness a few years ago. More than a few years ago. I never showed the words to anyone and often just threw them out, I kept a journal for awhile and then re-discoverd the book “The Artist’s Way” by Julia Cameron and I committed to the Morning Pages. Writing daily. It was one of the most helpful tools I could do at the time and I enjoyed it and sought it out as a release valve. We each have so many life experiences stashed inside of us and if we can let the words out magical things can happen. That’s my intention for you in this class. An experience of letting the valve open up so that you can let go of the non-essential noise and let the words out. Emotions will follow and the mind opens up. In a great way. It will be playful and fun.

Isn’t it about time you played? Had a little fun? Not take yourself so seriously? There is so much we are asked to process during our days, our weeks and our years.  We can get very full, and overflow. Get it out and down on paper. With love.

No experience needed.

Format: live webinar upon registration login information will be provided.

 4 session class.