Accidental Wisdom

“What is flow and ease? It is warmth.

What is poetry and yoga? It is adventure.

What is joy? It is inspiration.

What is inspiration? It is love, practice and a big heart.”

~ (group poem)

Yoga and…

Yoga And Drawing

You will create drawings based on how you feel in select poses.
The purpose is to PLAY.
Make some marks and go home with a new experience,  some wonderful drawings, as well as, a different appreciation for your poses. The intention if not for a finished product but for an experience.
Beautiful drawings will be a BONUS!
Come for communion, community, fun, exploration, the unexpected.
Come PLAY.
The less experience the better.

Yoga And Writing

Do you have fun doing yoga? Love certain poses and think of them with delight? In this class you will use your favorites as inspiration to compose “love poems”. Treating your poses as your friends, let them “speak” to you? What are they wanting you to know? What do you love? What do you want to thank them for?, What do you wish to modify? You will leave with a collection of “writings.”

Expect 3-4 poses and 3-4 “love poems.” Open to all. No experience needed. Bring a journal and pen/pencil.