Tomorrow I’m breaking a vow I made to my 21-year-old self. I promised myself that I would never travel the Wednesday night before Thanksgiving, a drive to New York City from my college dorm usually took 3 hours, that night it took 8. My frustration was so big, and my patience was so thin that I said: “never again.”

A cheap ticket made that never into a yes this year.

I’m excited and a bit nervous breaking this vow, I don’t know what Hobby Airport will be like at 8 pm on Thanksgiving Eve, but I’m up for the adventure, doing something different. There are many good reasons to have rules, they keep me safe, I can plan ahead and lessen frustration, I’ve got structure, but they also bind me from spontaneity and pleasure.

Getting the invitation and saying yes without too much thinking brought joy to me at the moment, It’s fun to try something new- you never know where it will lead. And it will be fun tomorrow whatever unfolds because it will be different.
I’ve got my yoga tools
My breath + free will to choose how I respond.
This holiday weekend enjoy yourself, find joy where you find yourself, whether it is at the grocery store for the 3rd time in 24hrs, circling the parking lot for a spot, or talking to someone you would rather not, remember to exhale. You’ve your got yoga tools too; you can choose if you want to react or respond. It’s your holiday; you might even give yourself permission to break a rule.

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