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When we can recognize we are more than enough, just by being ourselves, we can love ourselves and others fully.          – Maria

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I'm not that kind of gal

Being Seen/Vanity Dare

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How getting my portrait painted led to new friendships, understanding, saying yes and sisterhood.

“I’m not that kind of gal” is an affecting, moving and empowering memoir written from the heart to the reader with the message: “Healing happens when we embrace who we are with deep love and compassion.” I could not put this book down.”- K. Crawford


I’m a Teacher, Facilitator and Coach.

And I write.

And I have just self published two mini- memoirs that I am really excited to share. I would love to read to your group if you live locally, it is in the sharing of our human-ness that we connect with each other.


I Write.

I Faciliate.

I Coach.

I Teach.

Through stories.

Through Inquiry.

Through Paying Attention.

“The truth is that meaningful change is a process. It can be uncomfortable and is often risky, especially when we are talking about embracing our imperfections, cultivating authenticity, and looking the world in the eye and saying, “I am enough”. However afraid we are of change, the question we must answer is this:


What’s the greater risk?

Letting go of what people think,

or letting go of how I feel and what I believe and who I am?

– Brené Brown

Maria Merrill

M.F.A / 500 E-RYT

Demartini Facilitator / Desire Map Licensee

I create to connect, share, teach, love and laugh

Plugged In. Brave. Radiant

“On this path no effort is ever wasted, no gain is ever reversed”- Bhagavad Gita